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Did You Know?

Young women cannot avoid the realities of the fast-approaching world of work.  Although the trends are improving for women, there still remain challenges:*

  • Female students take fewer high-level mathematics and science courses in high school than male students.
  • Stereotypes about appropriate careers for females, a lack of female role models, and a lack of basic career information significantly deters girls' interest in mathematics, science, engineering, and technology careers.
  • In the coming years, 65 percent of the economy will be based on information technology.
  • Limited access is a hurdle faced by females seeking jobs in mathematics, science, engineering, and technology.
  • Common recruitment and hiring practices make extensive use of traditional networks that often overlook females.

*From the United States Congress’ findings in The Go Girl Bill - HR 1536 [107th CONGRESS]

At a time when our country's economic growth is more dependent than ever on an educated and skilled workforce, the largest projected population increases are among the demographic groups with the greatest percentages of vulnerable youth
(Source: Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance)

When the results are broken down by race and ethnicity, more than 75 percent of white and Asian students completed high school with a diploma. Graduation rates for black, American Indian and Hispanic students are closer to fifty-fifty -- 50, 51, and 53 percent respectively. Graduation rates were also substantially lower for students educated in highly segregated, socio-economically disadvantaged, and urban school systems.
(Source: Losing Our Future: How Minority Youth Are Being Left Behind by the Graduation Rate Crisis, Urban Institute and Harvard Civil Rights Project, 2004)


“Do not follow where the path may lead. 
Go instead where there is
no path and leave a trail.” 

“Motivation is what gets started.
Habit is what keep you going.” 

“Choice not chance,
determines one’s destiny.” 

“The best way to predict the
future is to create it.”


Girls Action Network® is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping girls ages 11 and up -- with special emphasis on those from underserved communities -- become the best they can be.