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GAN serves an important role because it employs educational, corporate, civic, and community resources to create young leaders who reflect the diversity of aptitudes, cultural experiences, and gender in our society. GAN has been truly fortunate in its ability to deliver programs and services as a result of the dedicated volunteer services of many generous people and organizations, as well as financial contributions. However, GAN has just scratched the surface of its efforts and invites you to take action to help make the GAN vision become a reality.

How can you TAKE ACTION?

Volunteer: Become a Volunteer
For more information, contact GAN Volunteer Coordinator, Ileana Griffiths, at

Donation: Make a Financial Contribution
Use the Google Donate box on the left navigation menu.

Mentor: Become a Champion for Empowerment and OpportunitySM Mentor

Speaker: Become a Speaker in the GAN Speaker's Bureau

Girls Action Network® is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping girls ages 11 and up -- with special emphasis on those from underserved communities -- become the best they can be.