Getting Started with Encouraging Bravery

By: Shelly Williams

It can be frightening to push yourself into uncomfortable areas of self-exploration and your future career goals. Suppose you understand bravery’s impact and how to be encouraged to take the first step toward finding your passions in life. Know that the first step is generally the most difficult. I encourage you to learn how to gain bravery as a GAN girl!

The definition of bravery is the quality or state of showing mental or moral strength to face fear or difficulty. For example, I feared taking Advanced Placement courses in high school. I was often intimidated to enroll in the sciences, biology, chemistry, and physics because the classes were predominantly male. I adopted a mindset of being fearless and persevering by being courageous. I accepted myself for what I knew and did not know, took responsibility, and accepted the challenge to accomplish and succeed!

woman jumping

Bravery starts with self-acceptance and self-compassion. It’s about being true to yourself and acknowledging your fears. Give yourself grace and positive affirmations. Write down your fears and use journaling as a tool to move forward fearlessly. I wrote that I am smart and will learn and take responsibility for my science education. My bravery motivated me to always try my best and seek my teacher’s assistance when I did not understand a lesson. My mistakes tested my bravery not to give up but to forgive and embrace the learning opportunity. I set milestones to achieve my goals, and one celebrated my bravery for being one of the only females in my science classes.

Your bravery has led you to GAN, a platform that champions personal growth, self-discovery, and career exploration. Here, you’ll learn how to harness your bravery to achieve your dreams, ambitions, and future career goals. So, face your fears and the unknown with courage and bravery, as we all are here to support you!

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