GAN Career Navigator Program

GAN Career Navigator Program

The GAN Career Navigator Program is designed to complement the GAN Gateway To 3S℠ (GT3S) Program.  The Girls Career Navigator Program stands out by offering short-term engagements with successful women professionals in various career fields and tenure, providing personalized guidance, advice, and support tailored to the girl’s interests and career goals. Through these brief but impactful connections, the program empowers middle and high school girls to navigate their educational journey and career aspirations. By connecting girls with role models and equipping them with the necessary tools and knowledge, we aim to foster confidence, ambition, and success in their future endeavors.

GAN Career Navigator Program Objectives

  1. Educational Support: Assist girls in understanding the educational pathways required for their desired careers, including for example, high school coursework, extracurricular activities, college preparation, and potential internship opportunities, with insights provided by experienced professionals.
  2. Empowerment and Confidence Building: Foster a supportive and inclusive environment where girls feel empowered to pursue their passions and ambitions, bolstered by brief but impactful engagements with women professionals who provide personalized guidance and support.
  3. Career Readiness: Equip girls with practical knowledge and resources to prepare them for the transition from education to the workforce, including resume building, interview skills, job search strategies, and professional etiquette, with insights shared by experienced GAN Career Navigators.
  4. Celebration of Success: Recognize and celebrate the achievements of participating girls, highlighting their accomplishments and milestones throughout their journey in the program, inspiring others and reinforcing the importance of perseverance and determination, supported by GAN Career Navigators who contribute to their success.

By implementing these objectives, the Girls Career Navigator Program aims to make a meaningful impact in the lives of young girls, empowering them to overcome barriers, pursue their dreams, and achieve success in their future careers with the personalized guidance and support of these supportive women professionals.

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