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GAN Champion for Empowerment & Opportunity® (CEO) Mentoring Program Overview

The GAN Champion for Empowerment & Opportunity® (CEO) Mentoring Program is designed to complement the GAN Gateway To 3S℠ (GT3S) Program and the GAN Career Navigator Program. The Girls CEO Mentoring Program stands out by offering long-term mentoring relationships with successful women professionals in various career fields, providing personalized guidance, advice, and support tailored to the girls’ interests and career goals. Through these intentional connections coordinated by the CEO mentor and the Girl Mentee, the program empowers middle and high school girls to navigate their educational journey and career aspirations. By connecting girls with role models and equipping them with the necessary tools and knowledge, we aim to foster confidence, ambition, and success in their future endeavors.

What is a CEO? A CEO mentor, Champion for Empowerment & Opportunity® mentor, is an adult role model who is paired with a GAN Girl (mentee) as a complement to the Exposure component of the GAN GTS Program journey.

What does it mean to be a CEO Mentor? A CEO mentor acts as a positive role model to a mentee, introducing and exposing her to the realities of the career paths she wishes to explore. A CEO mentor works with a mentee, developing an ongoing, supportive relationship. As an adult role model, a CEO mentor typically discusses the mentee’s school curriculum and other coursework, provides input on future careers, and discusses related issues that may arise for the mentee.

What are Typical CEO Mentor Activities? CEO mentor activities are custom-tailored to meet everyone’s needs. Some examples of CEO mentor activities include lunch at school, office visits, sports events, hobbies, cultural events, museums, plays, or walking tours.

What Impact Can a CEO Mentor Have on a Mentee? CEO mentors can help mentees gain a better understanding of career opportunities, the requisite education, and necessary steps required to obtain vocational and personal success. Moreover, a CEO mentor can help a mentee boost her self-confidence, as well as her ability to relate to other individuals. Most importantly, mentees gain a role model with respect to their vocational and personal endeavors.

Invitation to Become a CEO Mentor Please join Girls Action Network in its actions and its vision to build dedicated networks between women and girls to shatter stereotypes and unlock career opportunities in the 3S Workforce – STEM, Supply Chain, and Skilled Trades workplaces. Individuals who are interested in volunteering to become CEO Mentors will need to follow Steps 1-5:

Step 1: Complete and submit a short statement of interest process to Tell Us More About Your Mentoring Interest and Experience.

Step 2: Applicant’s information will be reviewed, and they will be notified of status upon review of their statement of interest.

Step 3: Applicant’s information will be reviewed, and you will be notified upon review of your statement of interest.

Step 4: Notification of Status: Notice letter on status sent to the applicant, subject to Background Check completion.

Step 5: Orientation Class for New CEO Mentors offered on a monthly basis.

For More Information Contact: Girls Action Network, Inc.

GIRLS – The Girls can become eligible for a CEO Mentor upon completion of required GT3S training.

Become a GAN CEO Mentor – Click Here

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