Girls Action Network Salutes 2015 GAN Scholars

New York, NY – Girls Action Network, Inc. is pleased to announce and salute its 2015 GAN Scholars as new cohorts to the GAN Summer Scholastic Enrichment Program (SSEP): Wan Yi (Kelly) Mei (New York, New York), Kira Miller (Macon, Georgia) and Allise Paredes (Avenel, New Jersey). GAN Scholars Miller and Paredes were selected to attend the Wesleyan College Spectacles Summer Program. The Spectacles program is a math and science camp for middle-school girls sponsored by Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia. Wesleyan finds that, “Middle school is a crucial time for girls as they view the world and the options that are before them. It is often the time when they make decisions about their interests and abilities in science and math.” In addition to the away-from-home experience offered through Wesleyan, the week long program offers the girls the opportunity to explore science and math in innovative ways, such as creating DNA bracelets or sharing ideas and thoughts with a nightly guest speaker, usually a woman with a career in science and math-related fields. GAN Scholar Mei was selected to attend the month-long Smith College Summer Science & Engineering Program in Northampton, MA where she will receive the unique opportunity to participate in innovative curricula in astronomy, biology, biochemistry, chemistry, computer science, engineering, physics and a young women’s health education initiative. The Smith program also promotes global cultural learning and appreciation due to the number of student participants who come from all over the world. The scholarship funding for the 2015 GAN Scholars was made possible by Girls Action Network, Inc., Smith College and Wesleyan College.

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