Harvard Benchmarking Study on Performance Measurement

Cambridge, Massachusetts. Yanina Budkin, a World Bank economist and & Roza Eftekhari, a renowned journalist, both of whom are 2007 Harvard Kennedy School of Government Mason Fellows, chose Girls Action Network, Inc. (GAN) as the focus of their best practice study on performance measurement as part of their class, The Strategic Management of Non Profits Organizations, which is taught by Professor Chris Stone. The purpose of the benchmark study is to provide GAN guidance in its efforts to understand how to implement performance measurement in the organization in order to drive growth in an orderly manner. The benchmarking study, which was completed in May 2007, provides a view of the state of performance measurement in six (6) diverse US and non-US nonprofit organizations: (1) Citizen Schools; (2) Girl Scouts of the United States of America; (3) Africare; (4) Women’s Bean Project; (5) The Way of the Heart: The Promotora Institute (WHPI); and (6) GEMS. In the end, the report concludes that for a new organization like GAN, the challenge is to implement, early on strong performance measurement, in order to drive growth in a proactive way.

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