Sisters Giving BackSM Consolidates with Girls Action Network

New York, NY – Effective July 1, 2012, the Sisters Giving BackSM (SGB) group, an unincorporated nonprofit association consolidated with Girls Action Network, Inc. (GAN), a nonprofit corporation. In 2011, SGB was formed to deliver educational and career services to girls in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey. GAN was founded in 2002 to educate and empower girls in grades middle school and high school with special emphasis on girls from underserved communities in the United States, and to address the related policy issues. For reasons related to administrative efficiency and corporate governance support in the case of SGB, and for greater impact and expansion of GAN programs and services, in the case of GAN, the two entities agreed that a consolidation was in their mutual best interest. Elisa Basnight, Founder and President of GAN, commented that, -We believe this program consolidation model offers a unique solution to increasing the future socio-economic value creation of GAN operations with the consolidation of the energized SGB group. The GAN Board of Directors approved the consolidation and established the SGB Committee to deliver GAN programs and services in the Philadelphia and southern New Jersey region. The GAN SGB Committee will be led by Chairwoman, Gail Hannah.

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