“Greatness in the Making” featuring Nina Gokita

We are celebrating GAN Girls to recognize and honor their dedication to the areas of career readiness, education, their active participation in extracurricular activities, and workforce-related accomplishments. These featured young women have demonstrated exceptional growth, leadership, and commitment to excellence. By acknowledging GAN Girls’ achievements, we aim to inspire you and others to continue striving for greatness and to highlight the importance of education, workforce exploration and well-rounded development.

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Getting Started with Encouraging Bravery

It can be frightening to push yourself into uncomfortable areas of self-exploration and your future career goals. Suppose you understand bravery’s impact and how to be encouraged to take the first step toward finding your passions in life. Know that the first step is generally the most difficult. I encourage you to learn how to gain bravery as a GAN girl!

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A Diversified Threat Requires a Diversified Defense

Grateful and still inspired from my time spent last Thursday with volunteers and leaders from Girls Action Network (GAN) and The Links, Incorporated at the Cybersecurity Competition for middle and high school students hosted by Patriots Technology Training Center at Bowie State University.

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